Rain Branco

Tantra Massage – London

I’m a certified Transformational Tantra Massage Practitioner, from the John Hawken school. I offer individual sessions to people of all genders from studios in Hoxton and Vauxhall, London.

Tantra Massage is an embodied healing practice derived from principles of the Tantra tradition. I can support you in becoming more embodied, processing past traumas (not PTSD), improving your sexual well-being, and growing spiritually. I work by using gentle touch, full-body massage, breath work, guided meditations and energy.

I’m currently offering a discounted rate of £60/hour for people interested in becoming case studies. The first session is 3 hours long, following sessions can be 2–4.5 hours long depending on your goals.

To book, please send me an email to rain@healingrain.co.uk.

I’m fully insured and I abide by the code of ethics of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists.

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